• Hip-Hop

    Hip hop is a high energy form of dance which is exciting and less structured than other forms of dance. It originated in the 1970’s in America and consists of several different dance styles.

  • Ballet

    Ballet forms the basis of all types of dance. It is great for perpetuating style, grace, good posture and strength. It is a beautiful and technically demanding art form appreciated by audiences throughout the world

  • Disco

    Disco is great if you want something that is fun and not too strict. Lessons do not follow a structured syllabus but are more freestyle in nature and students get to dance to current music as well as classic disco tunes!

  • Tap

    Tap is a great choice for promoting co-ordination, a sense of rhythm and musicality and for strengthening and loosening foot, ankle and leg muscles.

Welcome to the Gill Harvey School of Dance.

The Gill Harvey School of Dance is one of the longest established schools in North Staffordshire. We have 3 centres, Bucknall (Stoke), Werrington and Cheadle. Gill, the principal of the Gill Harvey School of Dance is a qualified Royal Academy of Dance teacher with extensive teaching experience.

Take a look around our site and find out more about us and classes available. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or to arrange a free trial lesson.

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